Misdemeanor Charges in Conroe, TX

Criminal Law

Misdemeanor Charges Can Bring Serious Consequences

“But it’s only a misdemeanor” is something we hear all too often from our clients. Don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s just a blip on your personal radar. If the court convicts you of a misdemeanor, it will show up on background checks. That means you might be denied a job, lose security clearance, or lose the chance to receive aid from certain state and federal government programs. Even worse, you could go to jail. That doesn’t have to happen if you get the proper legal representation. The Fowles Law Firm will look at every aspect of your case to get the prosecution to drop your charges or win at trial. Contact us today to learn more.

You Need Aggressive Representation

To have the best chance at making your case, you need a vigorous defense that will pursue every angle to minimize any negative consequences you might face if convicted of a misdemeanor. Our criminal law attorney is passionate about finding the kinds of flaws in the government’s case against you that will cause doubt in the minds of the jurors. Put our experience in your corner. Get us on your side today.

Get Legal Representation from the Start

If you’re arrested for a misdemeanor, it’s critical that you don’t say anything to the police until a criminal law attorney is present. In such a stressful situation, you might say things that could negatively impact your case. Even worse, a prosecutor could choose to upgrade your offense to a felony, depending on what you say. Instead, call our law office immediately. You’ll work with a criminal law attorney with years of experience defending clients in misdemeanor cases. Then, we’ll pursue your defense with every weapon in our legal arsenal to achieve the best possible outcome. Get in touch with our team today.