Felony Charges in Conroe, TX

Criminal Law

Arrested for a Felony? We Can Help.

It’s a scary thing when the legal system presses felony charges against you or someone you love. If a jury convicts you, you’ll face a harsher sentence and long-term consequences that might follow you around for the rest of your life. If you didn’t do what you’re accused of doing, you probably feel like the system has betrayed you. The Fowles Law Firm will spare no detail in investigating your case so that you have the best chance of beating the charges. Get in touch with our compassionate criminal law attorney today for help.

Get Us on Your Side from Day One

We can’t stress how critical it is to act immediately when you’re accused of a felony. Because your situation is so stressful, you might say something to the police that could compromise your case, even if you haven’t committed a crime. Before you say anything, call our criminal law attorney – and don’t say anything until we arrive to take your side. Like your personal bulldog, we’ll aggressively pursue your defense from day one. Contact us now.

Aggressive Representation for Felony Charges

The government must prove its case against you beyond a reasonable doubt. Our attorney will research every detail, every assumption in the case against you to place doubt in the jury’s minds about your guilt. We scrutinize law enforcement records for any inconsistencies or errors in evidence gathering or conduct that could be cause for dismissing your case. No matter how hopeless it seems, we will leave it all on the field to defend you against unjust charges. With a long record of obtaining favorable results for our clients, our criminal law team will pursue the best possible result in your case. Let us pursue justice for you.