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Defending your rights with compassion and expertise, the domestic violence lawyer at our law firm stands by your side in the face of severe and often complex domestic assault charges.

Wrongfully Accused of Violence? Our Domestic Violence Attorney is on Your Side, Ready to Protect Your Rights

If a loved one falsely accuses you of committing an act of violence against them, chances are you feel betrayed. Also, because prosecutors today are tough on domestic violence, you face an uphill battle in court.

Our domestic violence attorney will take your side, exposing false allegations and challenging aggressive prosecutors who overcharge in their zeal to look tough. Whether it’s a spouse, a partner, or another person living in your household who’s accusing you, we examine all their claims with a wary eye.

The Fowles Law Firm: Advocacy When it Matters Most

Hire a Domestic Violence Lawyer Conroe Trusts

As a domestic violence lawyer Conroe has relied on for many years, we recognize that actual domestic violence is a grave issue. However, many of these cases are made up or exaggerated in the aftermath of a child custody dispute or another type of family dispute.

As we pursue justice, we will examine the evidence and aggressively cross-examine the other side’s witness and the accuser to get to the truth. When facing serious charges like this, time is of the essence. Get a reputable Conroe domestic violence lawyer on your side at The Fowles Law Firm today.

What are Domestic Violence Charges?

In most states, domestic violence includes intimidation, harassment, interfering with a family member’s personal liberty, physical abuse, and certain threats of physical abuse. These are serious charges – and you’re facing a tough road ahead. It doesn’t have to be that way.

With our domestic violence lawyer to represent you, we can find holes in the prosecution’s case, uncover lies by witnesses, and find procedural errors by the investigating officers.

Don’t Let Your Charges Dictate Your Life—Call a Conroe Domestic Violence Lawyer at The Fowles Law Firm

If you are accused of committing a violent act against a loved one in a heated moment, we will work tirelessly to reduce the charge to a lesser charge, be dismissed with anger management or counseling, or dismissed because we’ve shown that the state can’t win. With our representation, there is hope. Contact us today to learn how.

What Could Happen to Me if Convicted?

Depending on the circumstances, a jury could find you guilty of either a misdemeanor or felony. Although misdemeanors result in shorter sentences and lesser fines, they usually mean some time in jail or on probation. Under certain circumstances, the prosecutor can upgrade your charges to the felony level.

Avoid Life-Changing Consequences and Get Help from a Conroe Domestic Violence Attorney

You’re looking at significant prison time and hefty fines in that case. Long-term consequences include difficulties finding work, losing custody of children, limits in firearm ownership, inability to enter institutions of higher learning, and more. Don’t risk these consequences. Let a domestic violence lawyer Conroe has trusted for years defend your case today.

Conroe Family Violence Lawyer at Your Defense Against Repeated Domestic Assault Charges

When it comes to defending against repeated assault charges in Conroe, you need an experienced family violence lawyer who understands the intricacies of Texas law. In the state of Texas, repeated assault is classified as a 3rd-degree felony, carrying severe consequences for those accused.

Under Texas law, an individual can be convicted of repeated assault if two domestic assaults occur within a 12-month period. These assaults don’t need to have resulted in arrest or conviction, nor must they be committed against the same person.

Our skilled family violence lawyer understands the legal nuances and will craft a tailored defense strategy for your situation.

Domestic Assault Lawyer FAQs

Does a Conroe domestic assault conviction impact child custody?

A single domestic violence incident can have a lasting effect on child custody decisions in Conroe. Even one episode of violence is seen as a “history” of violence and can strongly influence custody battles.

What happens if domestic violence continues after the conviction?

If domestic violence continues, a protective order might be issued. This can make it difficult for the convicted individual to have visitation or custody rights. Discover more about how domestic violence situations can affect child custody in Texas by finding a “domestic violence lawyer near me” at our law firm.

Can a victim withdraw charges for assault on a family member in Conroe?

Whether a victim can drop charges for assault on a family member in Conroe depends on several factors:

  • The nature of the alleged assault
  • The presence of injuries
  • The defendant’s criminal history
  • Previous incidents of assault within the household

These factors influence the prosecutors in deciding whether or not to go forward with the charges, or they can influence a jury in deciding whether or not you are guilty. To find out if a victim can withdraw charges in a case of assault on a family member, contact our experienced Conroe domestic violence attorney today.

What happens when I return home after being charged with domestic violence in Conroe?

If you’ve been arrested for domestic violence in Texas, here’s what you should know about returning home:

  • Emergency Protective Order: Often, after an arrest is made, an “emergency protective order” is issued during the magistration process.
  • Possible Restrictions: This order will likely require you to stay away from your home for at least 60 days, prohibit firearm possession, and prevent threatening contact with protected individuals.
  • Limitations on Proximity: You will likely also be restricted from being near protected individuals’ residences, workplaces, or schools.
  • Contact Considerations: In some cases, non-threatening contact could be allowed unless a “no contact” order is issued by the magistrate.

The ability to return home varies based on the charges and circumstances of the case. Learn about your options for returning home after a domestic violence charge in Conroe by speaking with a domestic violence lawyer at The Fowles Law Firm.

How can I fight charges of child injury by omission in Conroe?

Facing charges of child injury by omission can be challenging, especially for mothers involved in domestic violence situations. Often, these women are also victims themselves. One practical approach is using an affirmative defense strategy.

In this tactic, the defendant acknowledges involvement but presents evidence that the circumstances meet the precise language of the law for the defense. This defense can be very complex, but can help avoid fines and jail time.

If you are fighting these charges, speak to the domestic violence lawyer Conroe trusts here at our very own law firm.

Find a Trustworthy “Domestic Violence Lawyer Near Me” at The Fowles Law Firm

If you are searching for a dependable “domestic violence lawyer near me”, look no further than The Fowles Law Firm. At The Fowles Law Firm, we prioritize your well-being and strive to protect your rights throughout the legal process. Our Conroe domestic violence lawyer has a proven track record of handling complex cases and advocating for our client’s best interests.

When you choose The Fowles Law Firm, you’re choosing a team of advocates that will:

  • Listen and give full attention to your concerns and story.
  • Establish a personalized legal strategy tailored to your unique situation.
  • Work tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.
  • Provide you with compassionate support every step of the way.

We know that facing a domestic violence case can be overwhelming, and we are here to guide you through the process with professionalism and care. As your trustworthy domestic assault lawyer, your peace of mind and security are our top priorities.

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Safeguarding your family’s future is paramount when confronted with domestic violence charges. Rely on our expertise to protect your rights and advocate for your innocence. As the domestic violence lawyer Conroe has trusted their freedom with for many years, we are committed to securing the best possible outcome for your case.

Don’t leave your future to chance—contact us today for a free consultation with our domestic violence lawyer that could make or break your path forward.